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Power Test Solutions

Power supply is an important component of electronic equipment, from small to mobile phones, media players in the power supply, large to a variety of power drive and energy conversion equipment, the core is the adjustment of electrical energy changes and distribution. Developing, designing and commissioning these power supplies requires a variety of electronic test instruments

  • Power Device Test

    Power semiconductor devices are the core devices of energy conversion, both MOSFET and IGBT, which bear the important blame for power adjustment. The loss of the power device itself is an important factor affecting the overall efficiency of the power supply, and the high loss will cause the device to heat up and may affect the power life. Oscilloscopes generally use a transient power integration method to measure the loss waveform of a power device. RIGOL OSCS SUPPORT POWER TESTING, WITH HIGH-VOLTAGE DIFFERENTIALS AND CURRENT PROBES TO MEET A WIDE RANGE OF TESTING NEEDS. The PC version of UltraPowerAnalysis software allows you to export test data, complete online and offline tests of multiple parameters, and generate reports.

  • Ripple Analysis

    Power ripple is an important parameter to evaluate DC power supply, and the composition of ripple is composed of industrial frequency ripple, switching ripple and high frequency noise. Accurate testing of ripple sits requires the test instrument itself to be as small as possible, and the test system has minimal impact on the test results. An important feature of RIGOL oscilloscopes is the low undernoise, and the DS2000A oscilloscope sits with the industry's leading small range of 500uV/div, making it ideal for testing small signals such as power ripple. The PVP2150/PVP2350 probe offers a 1:1/10:1 attenuation ratio, and 1X gear slots can provide up to 35MHz of bandwidth for direct ripple testing. UltraPowerAnalysis software provides ripple analysis function modules.

  • Modulation Analysis

    In order to improve the efficiency of power supply, the Switchpower supply is mostly used to adjust the power factor of the FPC circuit, the gate drive pulse adjustable. In variable frequency drive systems, bipolar PWM drive pulses also need to be simulated, tested and validated. RIGOL's various arbitrary waveform generators can produce a variety of pulse-width modulation signals, and when the two-channel output is completely isolated between channels, it is particularly suitable for the analog generation of various types of drive signals. The measuring trend mapping function of the oscilloscope can analyze the change law of the modulated signal.

  • Production And Aging Test

    Power products require a large number of rapid parameter tests and aging tests, which must simultaneously test the measurement and recording of multiple parameters. For test results that exceed the limit, the system requires an alarm prompt. All these requirements are easy for rigOL M300 data acquisition systems. The test accuracy of the 6-digit and half-digit table, the test speed of up to 250CH/s and the system configuration capability of up to 320 channels make the M300 an ideal tool for production and temperature, humidity and aging testing. Large-screen displays and PC software make setting up and using the M300 easy.





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