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New Family Member for DC Power Supply Series DP800(A)


New Family Member for DC Power Supply Series DP800(A)

Two brand new versions complete this successful series.


Gilching, January 8, 2022. RIGOL Technologies EU GmbH enhanced the DC power supply series DP800(A) with two new models DP813(A) and DP822(A).

The DP800(A) series was launched in 2013 with four different models. These models are available as normal models where optionally different functionalities like Ethernet and RS232 interface, a digital I/O interface for triggering, a monitoring and analysis application and high resolution capabilities can be activated later-on. All models are also available as A-model where all options are already pre-installed, and the layout of the front panel is more colorful.

With the new DP813(A) and DP822(A), RIGOL enhanced the DP800(A) series with two versions which can provide much higher current. The previous maximum current of 10 Ampère is now extended in DP813(A) to 20 Ampère and in DP822(A) to 16 Ampère. DP813(A) has one output channel and can be used in two different ranges. In low-range mode the device can output up to 8 Volt/20 Ampère and in high range mode up to 20 Volt/10 Ampère. DP822(A) has two channels, and the first channel can be adjusted up to 20 Volt/5 Ampère and the second channel up to 5 Volt and 16 Ampère. Both versions provide a sense channel on the high current output to detect the voltage drop at the test cables, which has a significant influence to the test setup at higher current. 


All current and voltage values can be increased by 10 % with each model (except DP822(A)). For example with DP832(A) series the values at channel 1 and 2 can be increased to 33 Volt and 3.3 Ampère. With the high current output of DP822(A) a 5 % increase to 16.8 Ampère is possible. All devices can be operated in constant current (CC) or in constant voltage (CV) mode. 

These devices have a very clean power output based on the very low ripple and noise of <350 mVrms/3 mVpp and can be used for applications where such clean power is required. Furthermore, the line and load regulation is very stable with <0.01 % +2 mV/+250 µA.

The multi-channel devices contain isolated channels. With the multi-channel versions, two channels can be connected both in parallel and in series in order to increase the current or voltage. In addition, the devices offer overvoltage or overcurrent protection (OVP)/(OCP), in which the device switches off the output as soon as the entered values are exceeded.

Additional functions, such as the timer for outputting voltage or current profiles, are integrated into the devices as standard. RIGOL also offers free PC software for this class of devices for setting the devices or recording the respective curves and saving them in a *.csv file.

This series can be used for multiple areas and applications in R&D departments as well as in automatic test-setups in production or in educational areas. 


Caption: Rigol`s DC power supply series DP800(A) with two new models DP813(A) and DP822(A). 

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About RIGOL Technologies: 
RIGOL Technologies is transforming the Test and Measurement Industry. Our premium line of products includes Digital and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Programmable Power Supplies and Loads, Digital Multimeters, Data Acquisition Systems, and application software. Our test solutions combine uncompromised product performance, quality, and advanced product features; all delivered at extremely attractive price points. This combination provides our customers with unprecedented value for their investment, reduces their overall cost of test, and helps speed time to completion of their designs or projects.

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